Fishtail Press Club

thumbnailFishtail Press Club traces its roots to 1976 when Dan Burkhart bought the weekly newspaper in Absarokee. Later, there other newspaper in Red Lodge, Columbus and Bridger were added. As a publisher Mr. Burkhart could be a member of the Montana Newspaper Association, but he also could be a member of the more blue collar print journalists club, called the Butte Press Club which was the oldest press club west of the Alleghenies, or maybe the Powder River. Anyway it spawned the idea for Burkhart, in his retirement to Fishtail, to begin another press club, hence, the Fishtail Press Club. Its members include his closest cronies. The founding principle is similar to the Butte Press Club, basically, that “a fully independent and freely inebriated press is essential to democracy.” At least the minutes of the Butter Press Club were the same every year: “Ate, drank, adjourned.”

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